How’d a nice girl like me…

…get so involved with reptiles?

It wasn’t hard, really. I’ve always had a fondness for snakes. When I was a child,we called the garter snake in the garden “Sam”. Sam eventually had a bunch of babies (we called them “green grabbers”) and we renamed her Samantha – although we always called her Sam.

My mother impressed upon us that Snakes Are Our Friends. It was only many years later that she revealed to me that snakes – even Sam – scared the willies out of her. One day while she was weeding the flower garden, she looked up to see Sam watching her from up in the Peace rose bush. Mom said afterwards, “Sam had the garden to herself that summer.”

I grew up never knowing Mom was afraid of snakes. She didn’t want to pass her fear on to her children, and in that she succeeded. I’m fond of the reptilian clan, as well as the amphibian one, the fishy one and the furries and featheries, too.

Here’s where I’m going to talk about them – what they’re like, what they need, who should – and shouldn’t – be living with them.

Maybe I’ll even talk about dogs and cats. I’m sure my Aussie, Sky, would approve of that.

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