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Moving fish

It’s pond season, and in our house that means time to move fish. I get to keep a few koi, usually ones chosen especially for me. There were five of those – a couple of kohaku, a sanke, an asagi … Continue reading

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Rabbiting on

Next to hamsters, rabbits are probably the most-requested small animal in a pet store. They’re cute and furry, and that makes them popular. All of that is true, but there are some other things anyone thinking of a rabbit as … Continue reading

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The parrot cichlid dilemma

Parrot cichlids are one of my favourite freshwater fish. They’re pudgy and rather cute looking – in fact, their nickname in the fancy is “tank puppies”. They’re brightly coloured, and like most cichlids, they’re relatively intelligent. You may have seen … Continue reading

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A new blog

Pet Product News has asked me to write a biweekly blog about the retail pet trade. You can see it, if you’re interested, at

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I wanna iguana…

Actually, you probably don’t. I know people who own iguanas and adore them. I know people who have iguanas who are gentle and good-tempered, at least, so far. The truth is, those gentle and good-tempered common iguanas are the minority. … Continue reading

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