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A sensible young man

Yesterday there was a young man in the store looking for a pet. I say “a pet” because it seemed to me he didn’t really know what he wanted. He asked about chinchillas. He asked about corn snakes. He asked … Continue reading

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Who started this?

The other day I was engaged in a discussion of “venomous” and “poisonous” on my word-nerd forum when one of the members posted this: “Have I ever told you the story, related to me as true (!) of the young … Continue reading

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Not making the connection

I spent yesterday on the set of a movie filming in Sault Ste Marie. David provided hamsters, fish, birds and an iguana to “dress” a 1950s pet store set, and was there to see that all went well and the … Continue reading

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There it is again…

I was checking on the toxicity of clownfish (a friend of mine believed they were poisonous, and I didn’t think they were) when I ran across this question on “Is there any way to make a poisonous snake non-poisonous?” … Continue reading

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A contradiction

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks; I went down to Southern Ontario to Wild Ginger Witch Camp and from there to London to visit some friends. While I was at camp, I ran into a situation which was … Continue reading

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Two words

I want to talk about dogs for a bit. I know they’re not, strictly speaking, on the menu here at The Lizard Lady, but the fact is that I deal with questions about them all the time. I’ve spent some … Continue reading

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Moving fish

It’s pond season, and in our house that means time to move fish. I get to keep a few koi, usually ones chosen especially for me. There were five of those – a couple of kohaku, a sanke, an asagi … Continue reading

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